The Aromatic Flavours of Cardamom

The Aromatic Flavours of Cardamom

From masala chai to kheer, curries to biryani, all these dishes would be incomplete without the sweet and fragrant cardamom. Whether as whole pods or crushed seeds – cardamom adds flavour to both savoury and sweet dishes alike.

Cardamom also known as elaichi, has a wonderful aroma and an enticing warm, spicy-sweet flavour. The whole pods can be added to dishes, or the seeds can be extracted and either added whole or ground. When using cardamom to flavour curries, lightly crush the whole pod and it to the dish, and remember to use the whole pods for garnishing to add that dash of green. But remember to use it sparingly, as a little cardamom goes a long way.

It is not just taste, but packed with antioxidants, cardamom – whether green or black comes with a myriad of health benefits. Below are just some of the health benefits of this indigenous spice:

Combating Cold and Flu: If you are suffering from a flu, black cardamoms form the perfect soother. Just steep some pods in water with honey and it will relieve you effectively.

Aids Digestion: Its strong aroma helps in activating our taste and sensory elements, thereby aiding digestion. So, after a heavy meal keep some cardamoms by your side.

Mouth freshener: The floral and sweet aroma of cardamoms make it a natural breath freshener and helps promote oral hygiene.

Lowers high blood pressure: According to Ayurveda a concoction of a teaspoon coriander and one pinch of cardamom mixed with 1 cup of freshly squeezed peach juice can help bring down high blood pressure. Therefore, it is known to be a heart-friendly spice.

Secret to good health: The Chinese believe drinking cardamom tea helps flushing out the toxins and keeps you healthy longer.

Regulates your blood sugar levels: Black cardamom is often touted as an effective remedy for treating high blood sugar levels. Cardamom is rich in manganese which helps in controlling blood sugar levels in the body and

So, add a cardamom to your daily cup of tea, coffee, milk or a glass of warm water and honey, along with adding it to your sweet dishes and savoury ones alike, to make the most of this wonderful spice.

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